Yorwaste Harwood Whin

"Waste facility warehouse fire protection put into action"

Yorwaste provides commercial waste management solutions for North Yorkshire. RFe were contracted by Seymour Civil Engineering Contractors Ltd to install 3 new LPCB approved circular 200m3 sprinkler tanks, providing a minimum 600m3 combined capacity at the Yorwaste facility at the Harewood Whin site. RFe also designed and installed a new sprinkler pump house and soffit sprinkler protection in the roof of the MRF building.

Fires in waste sites can be difficult to extinguish and can have serious effects on public health the environment and the local community. Our heads were designed and installed in accordance with High Hazard Storage Cat 3 and the system was designed to LPC/BSEN12845 rules with K160 wax coated sprinklers at roof providing a density of 16mm (12.5+3.5mm added density for excessive clearance) over 260m2.

The system has already proved its worth when in August this year one of our pre-action type B systems operated and controlled/suppressed a fire. A total of 9 sprinklers had operated and were replaced the same day and system left back on line.

Today we continue our working relationship with Yorwaste and provide repair and servicing as required.


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