TDM Friction

"A manufacturing plant refit with green credentials"

TDM Friction is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of brake materials for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. RFe was successful in winning a tender to design & install a new sprinkler system at its Hartlepool UK manufacturing plant.

Approximately 140 fast response sprinklers were retrofitted to the high-level roof area above the plant’s main pallet racking areas. 165 additional sprinklers were fitted to other areas including the compressor plant and approx. 620 sprinklers were situated within the structure of the existing racking. We also provided sprinkler protection to the ceiling areas of all the existing offices. All works were carried out with minimal disruption to the daily working of the manufacturing plant, enabling productivity to continue as normal. The sprinkler system complied with LPC rules incorporating BSEN12845:2015 rules including latest Technical Bulletins:2018. 

Additional works involved a change to the sprinkler water supply. Upholding their sound green credentials, TDM Friction opted for the more environmentally friendly option involving recycling the weekly sprinkler test water – circa 5000 litres a week, rather than connecting the drains into a local foul drain. This involved the more costly option of creating an underground drain/chamber of which the sprinkler drains were extended into from the pump house & valve set manifold location. 

Our service and maintenance team now carry out the three quarterly and one annual service visits.


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