Ideal Heating

"Roof only sprinkler system in a steel sheet building”

Ideal Heating recently invested £16m in the expansion of its manufacturing site in Hull to enable it to increase its production of low-carbon heating products. RFe was contracted by Briton in early 2022 to design, supply, install and commission an automatic sprinkler system to both the existing distribution centre and the new 116,000 sq ft steel sheet building and canopy. All our design was to BS EN 12845 - High Hazard Process Group 1. This group covers occupancies where the materials concerned have a high fire load and high combustibility and are therefore capable of developing a quickly spreading or intense fire.

This was a challenging project with some of the work taking place in existing operational areas without holding up the client in their day-today business/operations.

As well as successfully installing a roof only sprinkler system (no in rack sprinklers) our work also included providing new water suppliers in the form of a pump house & water tank. All works were carried out to FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets* 2-0 & 8-9 for sprinkler installation protecting the storage of materials up to Group A ‘cartoned unexpanded plastics’.  

RFe successfully fitted:

  • Approximately 2500 sprinklers at roof level
  • 2 x diesel FM approved fire pumps
  • 1 x 633m3 capacity water tank

*FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets are exacting standards that reduce the chance of property loss due to fire, weather conditions and failure of electrical or mechanical equipment.


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