Fanatics Warehouse

In July 2022 RFE were contracted by Brysales Ltd to design, supply, complete install and commission the main warehouse roof systems and pick tower systems at the Fanatics warehouse in Manchester. We also provided the design, supply,  install & commissioning of sprinkler systems to their existing offices. 

Brysdales are one of the UK’s leading providers of warehouse racking, shelving and storage systems and we were delighted to be working for them on this exciting project. All works were undertaken to FM Global standards. 

We worked together with Pioneer Pipework Services Ltd to undertake all civils works, which included pump house & tank base and piling works, plus around 750m of sprinkler/hydrant underground ring main.

Due to the location of the foul water drain at this site the client opted for the more cost effective option of installing a wastewater recycling system. This meant that all drainage water from both the pumps and valve set manifolds were directed via above ground drains to the undergound storage tank. When the tank fills to a certain level the water is pumped via a sump pump back into the water storage tank, elimating the need to be conected to the local foul water drain at all. 

Internally RFE works compromised of the installation and commissioning of a massive three floor mezzanine warehouse, which was fully finished on time and to budget in June 2023.


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