Nationwide sprinkler installation service

Richmond Fire Engineers Ltd offers a nationwide sprinkler installation service, working on any type of project, large or small. As a standalone service, or used in conjunction with our design capabilities, we promise a smooth process and complete compliance with all relevant fire safety standards. We attend site survey’s, client meetings at all stages of the design and installation process, provide weekly progress reports, offer internal project reviews and a personal team co-ordinator to give you a consistent point of contact, and to make sure you always know exactly how your project is moving forward. 

We can support projects across a wide range of sectors including High Hazard/special risk suppression systems.  Be assured that all of our products and services meet essential compliance standards, including BS9251, BSEN12845, LPCB, FM and NFPA.  

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We work on all kinds of projects across a wide range of sectors; from commercial sprinkler systems to educational facilities, all of our products and services meet essential compliance standards, including BSEN12845, LPCB, FM and NFPA. 



We have been retrofitting sprinkler systems for over 30 years. Our experience, together with our commitment to make the sometimes challenging process as simple as possible, make us leaders in this field. Our project team of designers and installers work hard to ensure there is minimal disruption to your normal working day, enabling you to continue operating your business whilst we get on with ours. 

Examples of recent RFE retrofit projects include:

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Special Risks

Special risks include any site where its contents are either highly flammable and/or highly valuable and sensitive - in these cases the traditional automatic fire sprinklers are not enough to provide the level of protection needed. For example waste recycling plants, power stations, metal forgeries, art galleries, biofuel production plants and electronic data centres.

Our design and installation teams ensure that all special risk applications are matched with the appropriate system for the job. Some special risk fire protection systems use suppression agents that don’t cause damage to the assets it’s protecting, e.g. gas suppression in electronic data archives, whereas others use foam suppression to rapidly smother highly flammable liquid and chemical fires, e.g. those found in the oil and gas industry and at airports. 


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